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Figure 1 | Parasites & Vectors

Figure 1

From: Omanicotyle heterospina n. gen. et n. comb. (Monogenea: Microcotylidae) from the gills of Argyrops spinifer (Forsskål) (Teleostei: Sparidae) from the Sea of Oman

Figure 1

Omanicotyle heterospina n. gen. et n. comb. recovered from the gills of Argyrops spinife r (Forsskål). a, whole mount: ga, genital atrium; p, pharynx; v, vaginae. The vitellaria and pigment granules extend into the haptor but are not shown in full as they would obscure other body features. b, egg: af, anterior filament; o, approximate position of the operculum. c, reproductive system: g, germarium; gg, germinal part of germarium; gi, genito-intestinal canal; t, testes; u, uterus; vas, vas deferens; vd, vitelline duct. d, clamp. e, paired, armed vaginae. Scale bars: a = 500 μm; b, c = 100 μm; d = 25 μm; e = 50 μm.

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