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Figure 7 | Parasites & Vectors

Figure 7

From: Interactions between Asaia, Plasmodium and Anopheles: new insights into mosquito symbiosis and implications in Malaria Symbiotic Control

Figure 7

Co-localization of DsRed- Asaia and P berghei PbGFP CON sporozoites in the proximity of mature oocysts and within the salivary glands of An. stephensi . Microscopic fluorescence analysis was carried out on the 17th day after infection and at the 21st day after bacterial administration. The presence of red fluorescent Asaia (thin arrow) in the proximity of mature oocysts and GFP-tagged sporozoites (thick arrow) (A and B) as well as the co-localisation of the two microrganisms in the salivary gland lobes (C and D) can be detected.

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