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Table 2 Tick species of Belgium

From: Spatial disaggregation of tick occurrence and ecology at a local scale as a preliminary step for spatial surveillance of tick-borne diseases: general framework and health implications in Belgium

Tick name Records in BE (Ticks) Year for last record NL NW EU N FR GE
Established in the wild       
Ixodes ricinus 1223 (88758) 2011 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Ixodes hexagonus 201(1333) 1987 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Dermacentor reticulatus 102 (861) 2012 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Ixodes frontalis 16 (102) 2011 Yes Yes   Yes
Ixodes arboricola 15(2980) 2011 Yes Yes   Yes
Ixodes lividus 5 (30) 1989 Yes Yes   Yes
Ixodes canisuga 2 (3) 1945 Yes Yes   Yes
Ixodes trianguliceps 9 (10) 1987 Yes Yes   Yes
Ixodes acuminatus 1 (1) 1987   Yes   
Argas reflexus 8 (18) 2012 Yes Yes   Yes
Argas vespertilionis 4 (14) 1942 Yes Yes   Yes
Ixodes vespertilionis 15 (47) 1969 Yes Yes   Yes
Established in houses and recurrently imported on host       
Rhipicephalus sanguineus 19 (104) 1982 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Not established but recurrently imported on host       
Hyalomma aegyptium 4 (26) (1965) Yes Yes   
Potentially present but never found in Belgium       
Ixodes unicavatus Potential Never Yes Yes Maybe No
Ixodes uriae Potential Never   Yes Yes Yes
Ixodes ventalloi Potential Never   Yes Yes  
Ixodes apronophorus Potential Never Yes Yes (UK)   Yes
Ixodes rugicollis Potential Never    Yes  
Ixodes simplex Potential Never     Yes
Dermacentor marginatus Potential (1973)   Yes Yes Yes
Haemaphysalis punctata Potential Never Yes Yes (UK) Yes Yes
Haemaphysalis concinna Potential Never   Yes Yes Yes
Haemaphysalis inermis Potential Never   Yes Yes  
  1. List of tick species in Belgium (BE), the Netherlands (NL), North Western Europe (NW EU) including the United Kingdom (UK), North France (N FR) and Germany (GE). Number of records in BE (Total numbers collected include available records for larvae, nymphs and adult stages). Some collectors, however, do not collect the larvae even if they are present. The year of the last records is in brackets if only found on hosts from import. Other species are present in surrounding countries but were not considered because they are very rare (Rhipicephalus bursa, Amblyoma variegatum) or specific to host species rare in Belgium (Ixodes unicavatus, Ixodes rotchildi, Ixodes caledonicus, Ornithodoros maritimus).