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Table 1 Ranked lists of Onchocerca flexuosa Wolbachia -like transcripts with highest expression levels, highest sequence conservation with Wolbachia proteins, and longest open reading frames

From: Localization of Wolbachia-like gene transcripts and peptides in adult Onchocerca flexuosa worms indicates tissue specific expression

Most abundantly expressed Greatest sequence conservation withWolbachiaproteins Longest open reading frames
isogroup00138 isotig12596 (isogroup04608) isotig21532 (isogroup13474)
isogroup01651 isotig12597 (isogroup04608) isotig17946 (isogroup09888)
isogroup00994 isotig14150 (isogroup06092) F2XBAMM02FMIGV (singleton)
isogroup09858 isotig12363 (isogroup04466) isotig16102 (isogroup08044)
isogroup02611 isotig23404 (isogroup15346) F2XBAMM02GZVCP (singleton)
isogroup04316 isotig17716 (isogroup09658) F2XBAMM02JSI7M (singleton)
isogroup00988 isotig14485 (isogroup06427) F2XBAMM02IC59R (singleton)
isogroup04702 GMRH4OU01D83JZ (singleton) isotig14485 (isogroup06427)
isogroup02658 isotig18970 (isogroup10912) isotig12596 (isogroup04608)
isogroup06261 F2XBAMM02GHDMV (singleton) GMRH4OU02FRNRL (singleton)
isogroup04608 GMRH4OU02JV82A (singleton) contig10287 (isogroup00994)
isogroup02939 isotig20687 (isogroup12629) isotig21343 (isogroup13285)
isogroup04541 GMRH4OU02GI0KU (singleton) isotig12363 (isogroup04466)
isogroup13474 F2XBAMM02F31KT (singleton) isotig13398 (isogroup05340)
isogroup00429 F2XBAMM02G13WR (singleton) isotig18970 (isogroup10912)
  1. Expression was assessed based on the number of sequencing reads associated with each isogroup (see Methods), and sequence conservation was assessed based on the e-score of the blast hit to a Wolbachia protein in a BLASTX against the non-redundant protein database.