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Table 2 NCBI accession numbers (number.version) of nucleotide-sugar transporter genes referenced in this study

From: In silico analysis of the fucosylation-associated genome of the human blood fluke Schistosoma mansoni: cloning and characterization of the enzymes involved in GDP-L-fucose synthesis and Golgi import

Source organism (tree prefix) a Gene identifier b Nt accession Prot. accession NST Substrate(s) c References
Homo sapiens (Hs) SLC35C1 NM_018389.4 NP_060859.4 GDP-L-Fuc [21, 27, 28, 54]
  SLC35B4 NM_032826.4 NP_116215.1 UDP-Xyl, UDP-GlcNAc [55]
  SLC35A3/hUGlcNAcT NM_012243.1 NP_036375.1 UDP-GlcNAc [56]
  SLC35D2/hUGTrel8/HFRC1 NM_007001.2 NP_008932.2 UDP-Glc, UDP-GlcNAc, GDP-Man [57]
  hUGTrel7 AB044343.1 BAB18586.1 UDP-GlcA, UDP-GalNAc [58]
  hUGT1 D84454.1 BAA12673.1 UDP-Gal, UDP-GalNAc [5962]
Canis lupus (Cl) SLC35A3 NM_001003385.1 NP_001003385.1 UDP-GlcNAc [63]
  SLC35A2 NM_001003059.2 NP_001003059.2 UDP-Gal [64]
Mus musculus (Mm) Slc35c1 NM_211358.2 NP_997597.1 GDP-L-Fuc [30, 65]
  Slc35b4 NM_021435.3 NP_067410.1 UDP-Xyl, UDP-GlcNAc [66]
  mUGT1 AB027147.1 BAA86885.1 UDP-Gal [67]
  Slc35a1 NM_011895.3 NP_036025.2 CMP-Sia [68]
Cricetulus griseus (Cgr) Slc35a1 NM_001246755.1 NM_001246755.1 CMP-Sia [69]
Drosophila melanogaster (Dm) Gfr NM_141525.1 NP_649782.1 GDP-L-Fuc [70, 71]
  Efr NM_132071.1 NP_572299.1 " " [72]
  Frc AB062677.1 BAB62105.1 UDP-GlcA, UDP-GalNAc, UDP-Gal, UDP-GlcNAc, UDP-Xyl [73, 74]
  ugt AB055493.1 BAB62747.1 UDP-Gal, UDP-GalNAc [62, 75]
Caenorhabditis elegans (Ce) C50F4.14 AF323969.1 AAK50396.1 GDP-L-Fuc [28]
  SQV-7 NM_063035.4 NP_495436.1 UDP-GlcA, UDP-GalNAc, UDP-Gal [76]
Schistosoma mansoni (Sm) GFT GU574756.1 ADO17519.1 GDP-L-Fuc (putative) Present study
Leishmania donovani (Ld) LPG2 U26175.1 AAC46914.1 GDP-Man, GDP-Ara, GDP-Fuc [77]
Cryptococcus neoformans (Cn) GMT1 XM_571496.1 XP_571496.1 GDP-Man [78]
  GMT2 XM_571874.1 XP_571874.1 " " " "
Saccharomyces cerevisiae (Sc) YEA4 NM_001178819.1 NP_010912.1 UDP-GlcNAc [79]
Candida albicans (Ca) VRG4 AF164627.1 AAK74075.1 GDP-Man [80]
Candida glabrata (Cgl) Vrg4 AF360395.1 AAK51897.1 GDP-Man [81]
Arabidopsis thaliana (At) GONST1 AJ314836.1 CAC69066.1 GDP-Man [82, 83]
  GONST2 NM_100603.5 NP_172209.4 " " [83]
  AtUTr1 AY115566.1 AAM48281.1 UDP-Gal, UDP-Glc [84]
  NST-K1 NM_179196.1 NP_849527.1 UDP-Gal [85]
  udpgalt1 AJ633720.1 CAG18176.1 " " [86]
  udpgalt2 AJ633721.1 CAG18177.1 " " " "
  1. a “tree prefix” refers to nomenclature applied in phylogenetic analyses of NSTs (Figure 6, in Additional file 3: Figure S2).
  2. b Official gene names/identifiers are provided. Genes in boldface type were used as query sequences to search for GDP-L-fucose transporter homologs in the SchistoDB [35].
  3. c NST activity has been demonstrated for these substrates. GDP-Fuc, GDP-L-fucose; UDP-Xyl, UDP-D-xylose; UDP-GlcNAc, UDP-D-N-acetylglucosamine; UDP-Glc, UDP-D-glucose; UDP-GlcA, UDP-D-glucuronic acid; UDP-GalNAc, UDP-D-N-acetylgalactosamine; UDP-Gal, UDP-D-galactose; GDP-Man, GDP-D-mannose; CMP-Sia, CMP-sialic acid; GDP-Ara, GDP-D-arabinose.