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Figure 2

From: Decreased prevalence of sepsis but not mild or severe P. falciparum malaria is associated with pre-existing filarial infection

Figure 2

IgG antibody titers to recombinant malarial antigens in SM, NCM and healthy control individuals. IgG Antibodies to recombinant malarial proteins SSP-2 (A), CSP (B), Exp-1(C) & LSA-1 (D) among CFA+ve, CFA-ve patients in SM (red, CFA+ve=35, CFA-ve=26), NCM (blue, CFA+ve=21, CFA-ve=17) and HC (green, CFA+ve=16, CFA-ve=22) as determined by ELISA are shown. Each symbol represents antibody levels in individual samples and horizontal bars represent the Geometric mean for each group. Students’ unpaired t-test was used to analyze differences in levels among groups. No significant differences were observed between the three groups.

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