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Table 1 Number of birds sampled and number of infected individuals (in brackets) for each avian species studied

From: On the study of the transmission networks of blood parasites from SW Spain: diversity of avian haemosporidians in the biting midge Culicoides circumscriptus and wild birds

Scientific name Common name Individuals (infected) Plasmodium lineage Haemoproteus lineage
Anas acuta Northern pintail 8 (1) Rinshi-1  
Anas strepera Gadwall 7 (0)   
Aythya ferina Common pochard 10 (0)   
Bubulcus ibis Cattle egret 13 (3) GAL-2012+Rinshi-1(*) hBUBIBI01
Ciconia ciconia White stork 15 (1) Rinshi-1  
Egretta garzetta Little egret 10 (1) Delurb5  
Fulica cristata Crested coot 24 (1) pSPHUjJ  
Gallinula chloropus Common moorhen 15 (1) AFTRU5  
Himantopus himantopus Black-winged stilt 6 (0)   
Marmaronetta angustirostris Marbled duck 10 (1) Rinshi-1  
Tadorna tadorna Common shelduck 5 (1) Donana10  
  1. The information on the blood parasite lineages identified for each avian species is given in different columns for Plasmodium and Haemoproteus.
  2. (*) One Bubulcus ibis showed co-infection by two different lineages.