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Figure 5

From: Development of guidelines for the surveillance of invasive mosquitoes in Europe

Figure 5

Known distribution of targeted invasive mosquito species by March 2013 (with details on countries and first reports in legend). Background map: distribution of Ae. albopictus (red: established; yellow: introduced, without confirmed establishment): First reports: Albania 1979, Italy 1990, spreading into 11 countries of the Mediterranean; localized in Bulgaria 2011; sporadic records without confirmed establishment in Belgium 2000 (not shown), The Netherlands 2005–2012, Germany 2007/2011/2012, Serbia 2009/2011/2012, Turkey and Russia 2011, Austria, Czech Republic and Slovakia 2012. Mapping units used are territorial units for statistics NUTS 3. ‘Absent’ (green colour) means that surveillance of mosquitoes has been implemented during the last 5 years without reports of introduction or establishment. Other colours: see legend on the map. Ae. aegypti (orange circles): Russia 2001, Portugal-Madeira 2004, Abkhazia and Georgia 2007, The Netherlands 2010 [eliminated: not shown]; Ae. japonicus, (blue circles): France 2000 [eliminated: not shown]), Belgium 2002 [localized], Switzerland and Germany 2008, Austria and Slovenia 2011; Ae. koreicus (white dots): Belgium 2008 [localized], Italy 2011. Not shown: Ae. atropalpus: Italy 1996 and France 2003 [eliminated], The Netherlands 2009-2011 [eliminated]; Ae. triseriatus France 2004 [intercepted].

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