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Table 2 Differences between element concentrations in barbel organs and parasites, and between Pomphorhynchus laevis and Eustrongylides sp

From: Comparison of the metal accumulation capacity between the acanthocephalan Pomphorhynchus laevis and larval nematodes of the genus Eustrongylides sp. infecting barbel (Barbus barbus)

  P. laevis Eustrongylides sp. P.laevis vs Eustrongylides sp.
Element P.l.↔ M P.l.↔ I P.l.↔ L E ↔ M E ↔ I E ↔ L E ↔ P.l.
As P.l. ** P.l. ** P.l. ** E* n.s. n.s. P.l.**
Cd P.l. ** P.l. ** P.l. ** n.s. I** L** P.l.*
Co P.l.** n.s. P.l.* E** E** E** E**
Cu P.l. ** P.l. ** P.l. ** E** E** E** E**
Fe P.l.** n.s. L** E** E** E** E**
Mn P.l. ** P.l. ** P.l. ** n.s. I** n.s. P.l.**
Pb P.l. ** P.l. ** P.l. ** E** n.s. E** P.l.**
Se P.l.** n.s. n.s. E** E** E** E**
Sn M1 I1 L1 E* n.s. E* E**
V P.l.** I** L** E** n.s. L** E**
Zn P.l. ** P.l. ** P.l. ** E** E** E** n.s.
  1. M: muscle; I: intestine; L: liver; P.l.: Pomphorhynchus laevis; E: Eustrongylides sp.
  2. *: significant at p ≤ 0.05 (Wilcoxon matched pair test).
  3. **: significant at p ≤ 0.01 (Wilcoxon matched pair test).
  4. 1 : not statistically tested as concentrations in Pomphorhynchus laevis were below the detection limit.
  5. n.s.: not significantly different (Wilcoxon matched pair test).
  6. In case of significant difference, the site for higher concentration is given in each case.