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Table 1 Description of tick collection sites

From: Ixodes ricinus abundance and its infection with the tick-borne pathogens in urban and suburban areas of Eastern Slovakia

Site Geographical coordinates Altitude Site group* Habitat type
Northeast- Bardejov     
1 Smilno 49°23′05′′N 21°20′58′′E 425 m a.s.l. C -Birch-beech dry forest with hornbean shrubs
2 Tročany 49°11′00′′N 21°20′00′′E 345 m a.s.l. B -Maple-oak forest with shruby humid vegetation around pathways, close to the agricultural land
3 Raslavice 49°09′00′′N 21°19′00′′E 310 m a.s.l. C -Beech-oak dry forest,
4 Poštárka 49°16′15′′N 21°17′03′′E 332 m a.s.l. B -Suburban beech forest with shruby vegetation, in close proximity of cattle pastures
5 Bardejovské kúpele 49°19′45′′N 21°16′15′′E 283 m a.s.l. C -Urban beech-oak forest with park recultivation in some areas
Southeast- Košice     
6 Adlerova 48°74′00′′N 21°27′00′′E 321 m a.s.l. A - Hornbeam suburban forest with shrubby vegetation
7 Anička 48.74′00′′N, 21°25′00′′E 200 m a.s.l. C - Urban park with large open areas without trees
8 Botanická záhrada 48°44′49′′N 21°14′89′′E 208 m a.s.l. B - Urban hornbeam-oak park with shrubs
9 Verejný cintorín 48°69′00′′N 21°25′00′′E 200 m a.s.l. B - Urban park at the cemetery
10 Jazero 48°67′00′′N 21°31′00′′E 192 m a.s.l. B - Urban hornbeam forest
  1. *Habitats were classified into three groups according to the abundance of ticks (A-highest, B-lower, C-lowest).