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Table 3 Countermeasures to improve the management of imported schistosomiasis haematobia in China

From: Improving the management of imported schistosomiasis haematobia in China: lessons from a case with multiple misdiagnoses

1. Strengthening multi-sector collaborations and the detection at the entry-exit inspection and quarantine sections, and involvement of schistosomiasis diagnosis in the routine physical examinations for worker returning from Africa.
2. Development of national criteria for the diagnosis and treatment of imported schistosomiasis haematobia.
3. Assessing the performance of immunodiagnostics directed against S. japonicum antibodies in detection of S. haematobium infection, and development of novel immunodiagnostics or molecular assays for the detection of S. haematobium infection.
4. A systematic survey of the labor export to the schistosomiasis haematobia-endemic areas, and an evaluation of the true infections.
5. Strengthening the training on knowledge about schistosomiasis haematobia among medical professionals, including diagnosis and treatment.
6. Improving the access to health education pertaining to schistosomiasis status, prevention and control as well as international travel healthcare among those moving to Africa due to work, business or travel, so as to enhance their self-protection awareness and active pursuit of medical care if infected.