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Table 1 Impact of metofluthrin (5% AI) on biting and KD of Ae. aegypti in winter and summer

From: Confusion, knock-down and kill of Aedes aegypti using metofluthrin in domestic settings: a powerful tool to prevent dengue transmission?

  1 hour before treatment 1 hr post treat 22 hour post treat KD
Winter 32.2 (22.5-42.1)a 0 (0–0)b ND
(landing rate)
Winter (KD) 0 (0–0)a 8.7 (8.0-9.4)b 10 (10–10)b
Summer 46.0 (28.6 – 63.4)a 0 (0–0)b ND
(landing rate)
Summer (KD) 0 (0–0)a 8.2 (6.9-9.5)b 10 (10–10)b
  1. Mean (CI) human landing rate is a 1 minute human biting count of 30 female Ae. aegypti 5 min. before and 1 hr after exposure to a 5% AI emanator. Mean (CI) KD/kill assessed from a cohort of 10 3–10 day old female Ae. aegypti held in a Clarke bioassay ring placed 2 m from an emanator. Numbers following CIs in same row indicate significant difference in mean KD number between treatment and control using a t-test (landing rate) or ANOVA (KD), with means separated by Tukey’s multiple comparison test.