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Table 1 Unigenes from subtracted library annotated by BLASTX and with GO term of stress response

From: The ovarian transcriptome of the cattle tick, Rhipicephalus (Boophilus) microplus, feeding upon a bovine host infected with Babesia bovis

Unigenea Protein annotation Species Acc. no. e-valueb
ContigA171 Cytochrome P450 Tribolium castaneum D6W6R3 1e-68
ContigA591 Cytochrome P450 Ixodes scapularis B7PT10 6e-12
MPOAJ93TR Cytochrome P450 Ixodes scapularis B7PN37 2e-45
MPOAN40TR Cytochrome P450 Ixodes scapularis B7PJW2 5e-24
MPOAH45TF Cytochrome P450 Ixodes scapularis B7QJP3 5e-80
MPOAG88TR Cytochrome P450 Ixodes scapularis B7P5V0 1e-47
MPOAN40TF Cytochrome P450 Ixodes scapularis B7PTT2 4e-43
MPOAG88TF Cytochrome P450 Ixodes scapularis B7PME9 6e-32
MPOAG70TR, MPOAH45TR Cytochrome P450 Ixodes scapularis B7QJP2 6e-78
ContigA57, ContigA143 Cytochrome P450 Ixodes scapularis B7P5I8 1e-124
ContigA418 Superoxide dismutase Amblyomma maculatum G3MQI9 9e-89
MPOA822TR Superoxide dismutase Amblyomma maculatum G3MQ28 2e-108
ContigA652 Heat shock protein Aedes aegypti Q17PR3 7e-135
MPOAC82TR, MPOAC82TF Heat shock protein 70 Moina mongolica D2E4A4 4e-103
ContigA105 Heat shock protein Ixodes scapularis B7QJZ5 3e-32
MPOAF39TR Heat shock protein Ixodes scapularis B7PAR6 3e-144
ContigA295 Glutathione S-transferase Ixodes scapularis B7Q9K1 3e-143
ContigA561 Glutaredoxin Ictalurus furcatus E3TDC4 1e-38
MPOAE24TR Peroxiredoxin Ixodes scapularis B7Q7K9 6e-44
MPOAA34TF Cytochrome c oxidase assemby Aedes aegypti Q16M46 4e-40
MPOAN31TR Cytochrome c oxidase assembly Ixodes scapularis B7P8T9 9e-111
ContigA694, MPOA737TR, MPOA895TR Peroxinectin Ixodes scapularis B7P9B9 2e-12
MPOA475TR Peroxinectin Ixodes scapularis B7PUM7 2e-116
MPOAK85TR, MPOAC37TR Peroxinectin Ixodes scapularis B7PQ34 1e-84
  1. a Unigene identification number as listed in Additional file 1.
  2. b In the case of multiple e-values obtained from multiple unigenes, the highest e-value is listed.