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Table 2 Fst values between Haemonchus contortus populations of China and those from other four countries calculated from the nad 4 sequence data

From: Genetic variability within and among Haemonchus contortus isolates from goats and sheep in China

Geographical location GenBank accession no. No. of sequences Fst π
Malaysia HQ660255-HQ660308 54 0.05841 0.03545
Italy AJ429793-AJ429809 17 0.14407 0.03263
Yemen HQ660309-HQ660367 59 0.26710 0.03462
The USA AF070736-AF070785 46 0.41294 0.02512
China KC429944-KC430085 142 - 0.02745
  1. A total of 176 nad 4 sequences were retrieved from the GenBank database for comparison. The nucleotide diversity (π) within each population was also calculated.