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Table 6 Analysis of Molecular Variance (AMOVA) for seven populations of Haemonchus contortus from China

From: Genetic variability within and among Haemonchus contortus isolates from goats and sheep in China

Variance component Variance % of total P F-statistic
Among populations 0.4007 7.59   
Within populations 4.8814 92.41 0.00b Fst = 0.0759
Among groupsa 0.0759 1.43 0.32 Fct = 0.0143
Within groupsa 0.3423 6.46 0.00b Fsc = 0.0655
  1. aThe populations from the six provinces were divided into three groups according to their geographical origins, including Southwest (Guangxi and Yunnan), Central (Suizhou, Yidu and Shaanxi) and Northeast (Liaoning and Heilongjiang) in China.
  2. bP < 0.05.