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Table 1 Twenty-three commercial products and active ingredients for household pest control in Thailand (2012)

From: Review of insecticide resistance and behavioral avoidance of vectors of human diseases in Thailand

Product name (Trade name) Compounds Concentration
Shieldtox (odorless I) Bioallethrin 0.241%w/w
  Bioresmethrin 0.046%w/w
Shieldtox (odorless II) Prallethrin 0.0729%w/w
  Phenothrin 0.1003%w/w
Shieldtox (Ultra I) Bioallethrin 0.209%w/w
  Bioresmethrin 0.039%w/w
Shieldtox (Ultra II) Tetramethrin 0.230%w/w
  Deltamethrin 0.015%w/w
Shieldtox (Ultra Green I) Tetramethrin 0.230%w/w
  Deltamethrin 0.015%w/w
Shieldtox (Ultra Yellow 1) Prallethrin 0.055% w/w
  Permethrin 0.100% w/w
  Tetramethrin 0.184%w/w
Raid Insect Killer 4 Propoxur 0.75% w/w
  Tetramethrin 0.30% w/w
  Cypermethrin 0.10%w/w
Raid X-tra Tetramethrin 0.30%w/w
  Permethrin 0.10%w/w
  Transfluthrin 0.05%w/w
Raid X-tra Plus Prallethrin 0.06% w/w
  Permethrin 0.20% w/w
Raid Insect Killer (water based) Prallethrin 0.06% w/w
  Permethrin 0.24% w/w
Raid (water based) Tetramethrin 0.35% w/w
  Allethrin 0.10% w/w
  Permethrin 0.10% w/w
ARS Tetramethrin 0.07% w/w
  Dichlovos 0.50% w/w
ARS 3 Tetramethrin 0.02% w/w
  Permethrin 0.10%w/w
  Dichlovos 0.05%w/w
ARS (water based) Allethrin 0.06%w/w
  Tetramethrin 0.06%w/w
  Permethrin 0.18%w/w
ARS Jet Pro Imiprothrin 0.20%w/w
  Cypermethrin 0.10% w/w
BYGON (Blue) Cyfluthrin 0.025% w/w
  Transfluthrin 0.040%w/w
BYGON (Yellow) Transfluthrin 0.04%w/w
  Cyfluthrin 0.025%w/w
BYGON (Green) Cyfluthrin 0.025%w/w
  Propoxur 0.500%w/w
  Dichlorvos 0.500%w/w
Kincho Tetramethrin 0.20%w/w
  Permethrin 0.14%w/w
JUMBO Bioallethrin 0.200%w/w
  Deltamethrin 0.012%w/w
  Permethrin 0.100%w/w
Sheldrite Permethrin 0.25%w/w
  Bioallethrin 0.10%w/w
  Dichlovos 0.5%w/w
Atsawin Tetramethrin 0.20%w/w
  Permethrin 0.10%w/w
GY-15 DEET 4%