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Table 3 Mortality and overall killing effect of Interceptor LN in the experimental hut trial

From: Evaluation of the long-lasting insecticidal net Interceptor LN: laboratory and experimental hut studies against anopheline and culicine mosquitoes in northeastern Tanzania

  Untreated net 0 W Interceptor 0 W Interceptor 20 W Interceptor 30 W CTN 20 W
Anopheles gambiae      
Total females dead 12 124 95 115 103
% corrected mortality 0a 91.9b 76.2c 60.0d 44.2e
% Overall killing effect 0a 70.4b 52.2d 64.8bc 57.2cd
Anopheles funestus      
Total females dead 11 56 57 51 72
% corrected mortality 0a 79.6b 60.1c 59.0c 50.9c
% Overall killing effect 0a 64.3b 65.7b 57.1b 87.1c
Culex quinquefasciatus      
Total females dead 2 18 16 10 30
% corrected mortality 0a 17.2b 13.3b 7.5c 17.0b
% Overall killing effect 0a 17.2bc 15.1b 8.6b 30.1c
  1. Numbers in the same row sharing a letter superscript do not differ significantly (P > 0.05).