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Table 1 Sampling details for the six populations of Schistosoma haematobium studied

From: Significant variance in genetic diversity among populations of Schistosoma haematobium detected using microsatellite DNA loci from a genome-wide database

Population Latitude/Longitude ID Year sampled Source
Senegal 16°37’00”N/15°01’60”W NHM3292 1995 Human urine
Zanzibar 05°58’15”S/39°18’29”E NHM3739 1999 Human urine
Malawi 14°13’60”S/33°33’00”E NHM880 1998 Unknown
Mauritius 20°09’53”S/57°30’47”E NHM2576 1992 Human urine
Nigeria 11°57’54”N/08°15’00”E NHM682 1985 Bulinus truncatus
South Africa 27°00’00”S/32°50’00”E NHM812 1986 Unknown