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Table 2 Transstadial transmission, Experiment 1, A. cajennense adults held 14 days after molting from nymphs fed on T. equi infected horses shown in Table  1

From: Amblyomma cajennense is an intrastadial biological vector of Theileria equi

Transmission horse ID Ticks recovereda Ticks dissected & testedb
♀♀ ♂♂ ♀♀ ♂♂
Ho-259 40/41 50/53 0/40 0/50
Ho-261 37/41 43/53 0/37 0/43
  1. Transmission fed for seven days on two different transmission horses. Numbers of ticks applied, recovered and dissected from each horse after transmission feeding. There was no transmission.
  2. aNumber recovered/number applied.
  3. bNumber positive over the number tested.