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Table 2 Sequences encoding partial 56-kDa type-specific antigen of Orientia tsutsugamushi determined in this study

From: Molecular epidemiology of Orientia tsutsugamushi in chiggers and ticks from domestic rodents in Shandong, northern China

Sample code Source Accession no. Location Sampling date Length (bp)
YNM1 L. palpale KC456648 Yinan Mar-2011 662
YNM2 L. intermedium KC456649 Yinan Jan-2011 666
YNM5 L. taishanicum KC456650 Yinan Jan-2011 669
TAM1 L. palpale KC456657 Tai’an Oct-2010 657
TAM2 L. palpale KC456658 Tai’an Oct-2010 669
TAM3 L. palpale KC456659 Tai’an Oct-2011 662
TAM5 L. scutellare KC456660 Tai’an Oct-2011 656
TAT1 Ixodes spp. KF421129 Tai’an Oct-2011 657