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Table 1 Summary of epidemiological data from this study

From: Sensitivity of a point of care tick-test for the development of Lyme borreliosis

Outcome Criteria Frequency Sensitivity Specificity
Self-reported EM Self-reporting of EM between 0 and 3 months after reporting a tick bite 25 n/a n/a
Self-reported Same as self-reported EM 14 0% (0–22) n/a
EM treated with antibiotics No other tick bites reported besides those due to the tested ticks    
  Self-reporting of GP prescribed antibiotic treatment for EM    
GP-confirmed EM Same criteria as self-reported EM, treated with antibiotics 10 0% (0–28) n/a
  Written GP-confirmation of the self-reported EM diagnosis    
No EM No reporting of EM between t = 0 and t = 3 months after a tick bite 45 n/a 100% (92–100)
Unknown Lost to follow-up after a tick bite 52 n/a n/a
  1. Ticks from 122 individuals tested negative with the the Careplus Tick-test. The 25 self-reported EM cases were critically evaluated: Only those with confirmation by their GP, were used to calculate the sensitivity of the self-test. Out of 14 self-reported EM cases treated with antibiotics, we received ten written informed consents allowing us to contact the GP for confirmation of the EM diagnosis. These ten EM cases were subsequently confirmed by their GPs.