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Figure 4

From: Genetic diversity and structure in Leishmania infantum populations from southeastern Europe revealed by microsatellite analysis

Figure 4

Spacial distribution of the 128L. infantum strains by factorial correspondence analysis (FCA). Subdivision of population 1 (green circle) and population 2 (yellow circle) is also not demonstrated in the FCA plot. The subpopulations observed at STRUCTURE (Figure 2B and 2C) and NeighborNet analysis (Figure 3) for population 3 (blue circle) and population 4 (red circle) correspond to those illustrated by FCAnalysis. These are Sub3A (dark blue squares), Sub3B1 (light blue squares), Sub3B2 (blue squares), Sub4A (dark pink squares), Sub4B (light pink squares), Sub4C1 (dark red squares) and Sub4C2 (red squares). TR, Turkey; CY, Cyprus; BG, Bulgaria; GR, Greece; AL, Albania; HR, Croatia; FR, France; ES, Spain; PT, Portugal; MON-1, L. infantum zymodeme MON-1; MON-98, L. infantum zymodeme MON-98. Strains sharing the same MLM Type (Table 1) are not shown. The colours of the circles designating each subpopulation correspond to those in Figures 2B, 2C and Figure 3.

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