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Table 2 GenBank accession numbers used for alignment with Giardia sequences

From: Molecular identification of zoonotic and livestock-specific Giardia-species in faecal samples of calves in Southern Germany

  18S rRNA     β-giardin      GDH  
AI AF199445 A1 X14185 A DQ100288
AI M54878 A2 AY545645 A M84604
AII AF199446 A2 FN386482 A1 DQ414242
AIII AF199447 A5 AY545643 A2 L40510
B U09491 A8 AY545649 B AY826193
B U09492 B AY072728 B3 AF069059
C AF199449 B AY647266 B4 AY178750
D AF199443 C AY545646 C U60982
E AF199448 C FJ009206 D U60986
E DQ157272 D AY545648 E AY178741
F AF199444 E EU189375 F AF069057
G AF199450 E1 AY072729 G AF069060
   E2 AY545650   
   E3 AY653159