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Figure 4

From: STAT3-dependent transactivation of miRNA genes following Toxoplasma gondii infection in macrophage

Figure 4

Functional inhibition of selected STAT3-dependent miRNAs in human macrophage increases apoptosis of cells in vitro. (A) Percentages of parasite-positive macrophage (Wright-Giemsa stain as shown in Additional file 2: Figure S1) after transfection with specific anti-miRs (black bars) or untreated (white bars). (B) Transfection of cells with anti-miRs on apoptosis of human macrophage for 24 h after initial exposure to the parasite. Dot plots depict the amounts of macrophage stained with Annexin V and/or PI; numbers indicate percentages of cells in each quadrant from a representative experiment. (C) Percentage of cells with Toxoplasma after transfected with anti-miR-17-5p, anti-miR-20a, or ant-miR-17-5p and anti-miR-20a. *, p,0.05 vs. the non-transfected with Toxoplasma infection control.Values are presented as mean ± SD (n = 3 in A-B).

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