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Table 1 Analysis of Toxoplasma -upregulated miRNAs in human macrophage reveals potential transactivation of their genes by STAT3

From: STAT3-dependent transactivation of miRNA genes following Toxoplasma gondii infection in macrophage

Mature miRNAs Chromosome (strand) Host gene Promoter Median (range) STAT3 binding score*
    Start coordinates End coordinates  
miR-30c 1(+) miR-30c-1 41173077 41177703 759(759–759)
miR-27b 9(+) miR-23b-24-1 97763989 97769651 256(256–256)
miR-125 21(+) miR-125b-1 17564208 17569306 348(348–348)
miR-19a 13(+) miR-17 ~ 92 91995074 92000073 943 (943–943)
  1. *MiRNAs with the highest STAT3 bindings scores according to the ENCODE ChIP-seq database are depicted.