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Figure 1

From: Molecular characterization and immune modulation properties of Clonorchis sinensis-derived RNASET2

Figure 1

Sequence alignment of RNASET2 from C. sinensis with homologues from other species. The identical amino acids of all aligned sequences are shaded in black. The conserved ribonuclease T2 CAS I and CAS II domains are marked with box1 and box2. Two highly conserved histidine residues in the CAS regions are indicated by black triangles. A N-linked glycosylation site is marked with box3 and an arrow. The B cell epitopes are labeled by dots. GenBank Accession Numbers: C.s, Clonorchis sinensis, [GAA50115.1]; S.j, Schistosoma japonicum, [AAW26577.1]; S.m, Schistosoma mansoni, [ABB73003.1]; F.c, Felis catus, [XP_003986767.1]; H.s, Homo sapiens, [AAH51912.1]; M.u, mus musculus, [AAI00331.1]; R.a, rattus norvegicus, [NP_001099680.1].

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