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Figure 2

From: Molecular characterization and immune modulation properties of Clonorchis sinensis-derived RNASET2

Figure 2

Determination of Cs RNASET2 as a component of C. Sinensis ESPs. (A) The deglycosylation assay of rCs RNASET2 was evaluated by SDS-PAGE protein molecular weight markers (M); untreated rCs RNASET2 (lane 1); Cs ESPs (lane 2); rCs RNASET2 incubated with PNGase F deglycosylation enzyme (lane 3). (B) Western blotting analysis of rCs RNASET2. The rCs RNASET2 reacted with sera from mice infected with C. sinensis (lane 1); mice immunized with rCs RNASET2 (lane 2), mice immunized with Cs ESPs (lane 3) and naïve mouse (lane 4); Cs ESPs reacted with sera from mice immunized with rCs RNASET2 (lane 5). One of four independent experiments is shown.

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