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Table 1 Trypanosomatid species and strains used in this study, their original hosts, geographical origins and genetic groups

From: Cytochrome oxidase subunit 2 gene allows simultaneous detection and typing of Trypanosoma rangeli and Trypanosoma cruzi

Species Strain Hosts Geographical origin* Genetic group**
Trypanosoma cruzi Sylvio X10 Homo sapiens Brazil (PA) DTU-I
  Esmeraldo cl3 H. sapiens Brazil (BA) DTU-II
  231 H. sapiens Brazil (MG) DTU-III
  CAN III H. sapiens Brazil (PA) DTU-IV
  SO3 cl5 Triatoma infestans Bolivia DTU-V
  CL Brener T. infestans Brazil (RS) DTU-VI
  150 H. sapiens Brazil (MG) DTU-I
  328 H. sapiens Brazil (PR) DTU-II
  SC-90 Didelphis aurita Brazil (SC) DTU-I
  SC-95 H. sapiens Brazil (SC) DTU-II
Trypanosoma rangeli Choachí Rhodnius prolixus Colombia KP1+
  H8GS H. sapiens Colombia KP1+
  San Agostín H. sapiens Colombia KP1+
  D3493 R. prolixus Colombia KP1+
  H14 H. sapiens Honduras KP1+
  H9 H. sapiens Honduras KP1+
  Macias H. sapiens Venezuela KP1+
  Palma 2 R. prolixus Venezuela KP1+
  R1625 H. sapiens El Salvador KP1+
  B450 Rhodnius robustus Brazil (PA) KP1+
  1545 R. prolixus Colombia KP1+
  SC-58 Echimys dasythrix Brazil (SC) KP1-
  SC-61 E. dasythrix Brazil (SC) KP1-
  SC-68 Panstrongylus megistus Brazil (SC) KP1-
  SC-74 P.megistus Brazil (SC) KP1-
  SC-75 P.megistus Brazil (SC) KP1-
  C-23 Aotus trivirgatus Colombia KP1-
Trypanosoma evansi Te Canis familiaris Brazil (RS) NA
Trypanosoma vivax Tv Bos taurus Brazil (PB) NA
Leishmania amazonensis M2269 H. sapiens Brazil (PA) NA
Leishmania braziliensis M2903 H. sapiens Brazil (PR) NA
Leishmania infantum LRM75 H. sapiens Brazil (PI) NA
  1. * Letters in parentheses indicate the Brazilian state where the strain was isolated (BA, Bahia; MG, Minas Gerais; PA, Pará; RS, Rio Grande do Sul; SC, Santa Catarina). ** DTU-I to DTU-VI are the different T. cruzi DTUs (Discrete Typing Units) described by Zingales et al. [35, 36], and KP1+/KP1- are the T. rangeli genetic groups described by Vallejo et al.[21]. NA –Not Applicable.