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Figure 3

From: Can malaria vector control accelerate the interruption of lymphatic filariasis transmission in Africa; capturing a window of opportunity?

Figure 3

Sub-national distribution of households in possession of at least one bed net and at least one insecticide-treated net (ITN). A. mosquito nets (any type). B. Insecticide-treated nets (ITN). Note: Maps based on data from the following survey reports in Angola (MIS 2006–07), CAR (MICS 2006), Congo (DHS 2005), DRC (DHS 2007), The Gambia (MICS 2005–06), Guinea (DHS 2005), Guinea Bissau (MICS 2006), Liberia (MIS 2009), São Tomé and Príncipe (DHS 2008–09), Zambia (MICS 2008) and Zimbabwe (DHS 2005–06).

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