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Figure 6

From: New cryptic species of the ‘revolutum’ group of Echinostoma (Digenea: Echinostomatidae) revealed by molecular and morphological data

Figure 6

Neighbour-joining (NJ) phylogram reconstructed using the newly-generated and retrieved from GenBank nad1 sequences (472 nt positions) for Echinostoma spp. of the ‘ revolutum ’ species complex. Outgroup: Echinoparyphium spp. Nodal support (bootstrap values > 70% shown only) inferred from 1,000 replicates; these are followed by posterior probabilities from BI analysis. The scale-bar indicates expected number of substitutions per site. Sequence identification as in GenBank followed by a letter: D, Detwiler et al. [9, 11]; K, Kostadinova et al.[14]; M, Marcilla et al. (GenBank); M & B, Morgan & Blair [7, 13].

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