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Figure 3

From: gSG6-P1 salivary biomarker discriminates micro-geographical heterogeneity of human exposure to Anopheles bites in low and seasonal malaria areas

Figure 3

Seasonal variation of the IgG levels to gSG6-P1 peptide. IgG response levels of children present at all visits are considered. Individual IgG responses (ΔOD) to gSG6-P1 peptide are presented and bars indicate the median value for studied individuals in each season, and according to the studied villages (Agniam, Niandane, Pendao, Guede and Fanaye). The boxes locate the middle 50% of the data; horizontal lines in the boxes indicate medians of the data; lengths of boxes correspond to the inter-quartile ranges. P value of the Wilcoxon matched-paired test is indicated only if significant (p<0.05).

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