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Figure 1

From: LUMINEX®: a new technology for the simultaneous identification of five Entamoeba spp. commonly found in human stools

Figure 1

Represents hybridization signals obtained from cloned-derived PCR biotinylated products from five Entamoeba species. (1) 5 μl of biotinylated amplicon diluted with 12 μl of TE buffer (pH 8) and (2) 17 μl of biotinylated amplicon diluted 1:100 in TE were used to determine the optimal conditions for hybridization and demonstrate that maximal MFI values were obtained with a hybridization temperature of 46°C, hybridization time of 60 min, SA-PE at a dilution of 1:50 preheated. Strains and probes tested were as follows: Microsphere coated with hist116 (E. histolytica), Dis 238 (E. dispar), Ecoli310 (E. coli), Ehart1 (E. hartmanni ) and Emoshk (E.moshovskii).

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