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Table 3 Results from real time PCR and DNA sequencing compared with PCR based suspension array for nine stool samples

From: LUMINEX®: a new technology for the simultaneous identification of five Entamoeba spp. commonly found in human stools

Stool samples Real time PCR DNA sequencing PCR based suspension array assay
02/Br E.dispar E.dispar E.dispar; E.coli
03/Br E.dispar E.dispar E.dispar
05/Br E.dispar E.dispar E.dispar
06/Br E.dispar E.dispar E.dispar
15 br Negative E.coli E. coli
17/Br E.dispar E.dispar; E.hart E.dispar; E.hart
18/Br Negative E.hatmanni E.hartmanni
19/Br E.dispar E.dispar; E.hart E.dispar; E.hart
28/Br Negative E.coli E. coli; E.hart