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Table 1 Number of days and ticks collected from the animals in the non-protected (untreated), acaricide/repellent (permethrin) and acaricide only (fipronil) groups

From: Seasonal and spatial distribution of ixodid tick species feeding on naturally infested dogs from Eastern Austria and the influence of acaricides/repellents on these parameters

  Days Ticks Ticks/day Ticks/month
Untreated (n=30) 24990 530 0.021 0.636
Permethrin (n=30) 2856 53 0.019 0.557
Fipronil (n=30) 2548 101 0.040 1.189
Total 30394 684   
  1. The number of dogs per group is given in brackets (n). If ticks were removed from dogs of the acaricide or acaricide/repellent groups outside the protection time, the dogs were considered to be “untreated” and the time was added to the number of days of the untreated group.