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Figure 2

From: Hidden threat of tortoise ticks: high prevalence of Crimean-Congo haemorrhagic fever virus in ticks Hyalomma aegyptium in the Middle East

Figure 2

Bayesian phylogeny of the known haplotypes of CCHFV. Terminal branches of the main geographically-defined clades were collapsed to ease orientation. Note the paraphyletic nature of the European and African clades as opposed to the monophyletic Asian clade. The heights of collapsed clades are proportional to the number of their haplotypes and the lengths of branches leading to the last common ancestor of each main clade reflect their nucleotide divergence. Detail is given for the sub-clade containing haplotype of our samples from Levant illustrating its clear relationship to African CCHFV haplotypes. The numbers at branches show tree support as Bayesian posterior probabilities/maximum likelihood bootstraps (after 1000 resampled datasets) for each particular branch. Values below 0.5/50 are not shown.

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