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Table 1 Distribution and prevalence of CCHFV-positive Hyalomma aegyptium ticks at studied localities in Syria (SY) and Turkey (TR)

From: Hidden threat of tortoise ticks: high prevalence of Crimean-Congo haemorrhagic fever virus in ticks Hyalomma aegyptium in the Middle East

Locality Coordinates Sampled tortoises/carriers of positive ticks Ticks examined/positive
Krak des Chevaliers, SY 34°45′N, 36°17′E 7/7 40/25
Kafr Takharim, SY 36°07′N, 36°28′E 2/2 9/5
Qalat Samaan, SY 36°22′N, 36°51′E 19/10 137/20
Cirrus, SY 36°45′N, 36°52′E 2/2 10/4
Antakya, TR 36°12′N, 36°10′E 4/4 25/10
Hassa, TR 36°48′N, 36°29′E 3/2 19/10
Bogazkerim, TR 36°49′N, 36°51′E 1/0 5/0
Total   38/27 245/74