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Figure 2

From: Climate and environmental change drives Ixodes ricinus geographical expansion at the northern range margin

Figure 2

Changes over time in the specific climate variables, which was significantly associated with the outcome in the multivariable model. (A) INLAND, (B) COAST and (C) FJORD. Farm denotes the variables significant at farm level, whilst pasture denotes variables significant at rough grazing level. Changes are shown for timespan 2 (1990-1999) and timespan 3 (2000-2008) relative (in %) to timespan 1 (1980-1989). RRSumMay : Precipitation in May; SnoStartDays: Number of days from 1 September - 31 August to snow depth ≥2 cm, TDecr÷5<DaysJan-Dec :  Number of days per month where temperature decrease in Ground Surface Temperature (GST) from a day to the next day are >5 °C; RRSumMar : Precipitation in March; and BlackFrdays: Number of days from 1 September – 31 August with black frost, daily GST < 0°C and ground bare of snow or now depth < 2 cm.

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