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Table 1 Location and type of testing carried out on Long-lasting insecticidal blankets.

From: Laboratory and experimental hut evaluation of a long-lasting insecticide treated blanket for protection against mosquitoes

Location Materials tested Test type Mosquito species
LSHTM, UK Blankets: 0, 5, 10, 15 and 20 washes Cone bioassay An. gambiae (Kisumu)
   Arm-in-cage bioassays An. gambiae (Kisumu)
KCMUCo, Tanzania Blankets : 0 and 5 washes Olyset net Ball bioassays An. gambiae (Kisumu)
    An. arabiensis (F1)
   Arm-in cage bioassay An. gambiae (Kisumu)
   Experimental hut trial An. arabiensis
    Cx. quinquefasciatus