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Table 1 Information for 63 collections of Rhipicephalus microplus ticks (N = 1,247), ordered from West to East (as in Figure 1)

From: Widespread movement of invasive cattle fever ticks (Rhipicephalus microplus) in southern Texas leads to shared local infestations on cattle and deer

Collection Property Collection date N Host County Analyses
Rm01 Prop01 10-MAR-2008 6 cowMX Webb S
Rm02 Prop02 09-MAR-2009 17 cow Webb S I
Rm03 Prop03 02-JAN-2008 6 cow Webb S
Rm04 Prop04 02-DEC-2009 6 cow Webb S
Rm05 Prop05 19-JUN-2008 30 cow Zapata S V I
Rm06 Prop06 17-DEC-2009, 07-JAN-2010 29 WTD Zapata S V TB D I
Rm07 Prop07 21-JAN-2010 7 WTD Zapata S
Rm08 Prop08 09-DEC-2009 10 WTD Zapata S TB I
Rm09 Prop09 14-NOV-2007 14 cow Zapata S TB
Rm10 Prop10 06-MAY-2009, 04-JUN-2009 31 cow Zapata S V TA TB D I
Rm11 Prop10 28-SEP-2009 11 cow Zapata S TA I
Rm12 Prop11 20-JUN-2007 27 cow Zapata S TA TB
Rm13 Prop11 27-JUL-2009 20 cow Zapata S TA TB D I
Rm14 Prop11 16-NOV-2009 13 WTD Zapata S TA TB D I
Rm15 Prop12 04-DEC-2008 12 WTD Zapata S TB I
Rm16 Prop13 28-DEC-2009, 13-JAN-2010 20 WTD Zapata S D I
Rm17 Prop14 16-JUL-2009 20 cow Zapata S D I
Rm18 Prop15 19-MAY-2009 6 cow Zapata S
Rm19 Prop16 06-MAY-2009 2 cow Zapata S
Rm20 Prop17 07-MAY-2008 2 WTD Zapata S
Rm21R Prop18 26-JUN-2008 4 cow Zapata S
Rm22 Prop19 06-MAY-2009 2 cow Zapata S
Rm23 Prop20 06-MAY-2009 7 cow Zapata S
Rm24 Prop21 25-JUN-2009 1 cow Zapata S
Rm25 Prop22 04-MAY-2009, 15-MAY-2009 6 cow Zapata S
Rm26R Prop23 05-NOV-2008 19 cow Zapata S I
Rm27R Prop24 27-OCT-2008, 05-NOV-2008 24 cow Zapata S I
Rm28 Prop25 15-APR-2009, 24-APR-2009, 06-MAY-2009 36 cow Zapata S V I
Rm29R Prop26 15-APR-2009, 24-APR-2009, 01-MAY-2009, 15-MAY-2009 25 cow Zapata S I
Rm30R Prop27 20-APR-2009, 24-APR-2009, 01-MAY-2009 60 cow Zapata S V TA I
Rm31R Prop27 16-JUL-2009 12 cow Zapata S TA I
Rm32R Prop28 26-JUN-2008 18 cow Zapata S I
Rm33 Prop29 15-NOV-2007 7 cowMX Starr S
Rm34 Prop30 29-APR-2005, 03-MAY-2005 42 cow Starr S
Rm35 Prop31 06-JUN-2008 22 cow Starr S I
Rm36 Prop32 30-DEC-2008 31 WTD Starr S V TB D I
Rm37 Prop33 27-MAR-2008 15 cow Starr S TB D I
Rm38 Prop34 23-MAY-2008 24 cow Starr S TA TB I
Rm39 Prop34 18-MAR-2009 18 cow Starr S TA TB D I
Rm40 Prop34 09-APR-2009, 24-APR-2009 14 cow Starr S TA TB I
Rm41 Prop35 04-APR-2008 13 WTD Starr S TB I
Rm42 Prop36 22-FEB-2008 30 cow Starr S V I
Rm43a Prop37 11-APR-2008 48 cow Starr S V I
Rm44 Prop38 19-MAY-2009 16 cow Starr S TA I
Rm45 Prop38 27-JUL-2009 7 cow Starr S TA
Rm46 Prop39 17-FEB-2009 30 cow Starr S V TA I
Rm47b Prop39 03-MAR-2009 171 WTD Starr S V TA D I
Rm48 Prop39 04-MAR-2009 22 cow Starr S D I
Rm49 Prop40 02-APR-2009 29 cow Starr S V I
Rm50 Prop41 19-JUN-2008 29 cow Starr S V I
Rm51 Prop42 16-JAN-2009 30 cow Starr S V TA I
Rm52 Prop42 27-FEB-2009 30 cow Starr S TA I
Rm53 Prop42 27-MAR-2009 11 cow Starr S TA
Rm54 Prop42 10-APR-2009 10 cow Starr S TA
Rm55 Prop42 04-MAY-2009 3 cow Starr S
Rm56 Prop42 08-JUL-2009 20 cow Starr S TA
Rm57 Prop42 13-AUG-2009 2 cow Starr S
Rm58 Prop43 04-MAY-2009 18 cow Starr S I
Rm59 Prop44 15-APR-2009 30 cow Starr S V I
Rm60 Prop45 06-MAY-2009 15 cow Starr S I
Rm61 Prop45 08-JUN-2009, 29-JUN-2009 3 cow Starr S
Rm62 Prop45 31-JUL-2009 1 cow Starr S
Rm63 Prop46 05-MAY-2008 3 cow Hidalgo S
  1. A tick collection is defined as a sample of ticks from a single property taken within a 30-day time window. Tick samples taken from the same property but separated by >30 days are treated as distinct collections. All samples were made by USDA-APHIS at 46 properties in southern Texas. Hosts included domestic cattle (cow), stray Mexican cattle that were apprehended on the Texas side of the U.S.-Mexico border (cowMX), and white-tailed deer (WTD). Collections were partitioned into appropriate datasets for statistical analyses, including: population assignment in STRUCTURE software (S), genetic marker validation tests (V), temporal genetic structure within single properties (TA), temporal genetic structure within 4 km neighborhoods centered on Prop11 or Prop34 (TB), genetic differentiation between paired collections of ticks from WTD and cattle (D), and isolation-by-distance (I).
  2. RCollection was highly resistant to permethrin in larval packet test (see Methods).
  3. aThe Rm43 collection is comprised of 15 ticks from a source pasture (Prop37) and 33 traceout ticks known to have originated from this property. The traceout ticks were intercepted within a few days of transport to Atascosa Co. (n = 5), Madison Co. (n = 10), and Nagocdoches Co. (n = 18).
  4. bThe Rm47 ticks were collected from 10 WTD; detailed genetic information on each infrapopulation from these 10 deer is provided in Additional file 2: Table S2.