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Table 3 DNA extraction and molecular marker identification methods used by laboratories in each of the ring trials

From: Towards the PCR-based identification of Palaearctic Culicoides biting midges (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae): results from an international ring trial targeting four species of the subgenus Avaritia

Code RT1 RT2a RT2b RT3
  Extraction1 Marker used2 Identification Marker used Extraction3 Marker used
LabA Qiagen Kit ITS1 ITS1 ND ND
LabB Crude lysate ITS1 ITS1 ND ND
LabC Qiagen Kit ITS1 ITS1 ITS1 Qiagen Kit COI and ITS1
LabE Crude lysate COI COI COI Qiagen Kit COI
LabF Roche Kit COI COI ITS1 Roche Kit ITS1
LabG Chelex COI COI COI Chelex COI
LabH ND ND ITS1 Squish Kit ITS1
LabI ND ND ITS1 Qiagen Kit ITS1
LabJ Crude lysate ITS1 (MA) ITS1 (MA) ITS1 (MA) Chelex ITS1 (MA)
LabK Crude lysate ITS2/ITS1 ITS2/ITS1 ITS2/ITS1 IQCasework ITS2/ITS1
LabL AJ Kit COI COI COI Qiagen Kit COI
  1. 1Qiagen Kit: DNeasy Tissue and Blood kit, Qiagen, USA; MN Kit: NucleoSpin® Tissue, Macherey-Nagel; Roche Kit: High Pure PCR Template Preparation Kit, Roche; Chelex: Chelex 100 chelating ion exchange resin, Bio-Rad; AJ Kit: innuPREP DNA Mini Kit, Analytik Jena; NA: not applicable; ND: not done.
  2. 2MA: microarray.
  3. 3Squish Kit: Squish buffer; IQCasework: DNA IQ Casework Sample Kit, Promega.