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Table 3 Detected pathogens in ticks collected from different hosts in different locations, and GenBank accession numbers in this study

From: Tick-borne pathogens and associated co-infections in ticks collected from domestic animals in central China

Pathogens (No. positive) Ticks species Animal species Sampling site No. GenBank accession No.
Theileria T. buffeli (2) H.longicornis Cattle 1 KJ715170, KJ715175
  T. sergenti (3) H.longicornis Cattle 1 KJ715171, KJ715173, KJ715174
  T. orientalis (1) H.longicornis Cattle 1 KJ715172
  T. luwenshuni (3) H.longicornis Sheep 7 KJ715167- KJ715169
Babesia B. canis vogeli (3) H.longicornis Sheep, Dog 3,4,9 KJ715161, KJ715164, KJ715165
  B. gibsoni (2) H.longicornis Dog 6,9 KJ715162, KJ715166
  B. microti (1) H.longicornis Dog 6 KJ715163
Rickettsia Rickettsia sp. (2) H.longicornis Sheep, Dog 6,9 KJ715194, KJ715195
Ehrlichia Ehrlichia sp. (3) H.longicornis Sheep, Cattle 1,7 KJ715196- KJ715198
Anaplasma A. phagocytophilum (9) H.longicornis Sheep, Dog, Cattle 1,2,3,7,9 KJ715199- KJ715207