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Figure 1

From: Temporal and spatial expression of cuticular proteins of Anopheles gambiae implicated in insecticide resistance or differentiation of M/S incipient species

Figure 1

Alignment between mature proteins using ClustalW. (A) CPLCG3 compared to CPF3 (12% identity). (B) Alignment between CPLCG3 and CPLCG4 (79% identity). (C) Alignment between CPF3 and CPF4 (28% identity). The peptides used to raise the antibodies are in bold and highlighted. These CP genes are also known as: CPLCG3 [VectorBase: AGAP008446]; CPLCG4 [VectorBase: AGAP008447]; CPF3 [VectorBase: AGAP004690]; CPF4 [VectorBase: AGAP000382].

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