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Figure 3

From: The Sticky Resting Box, a new tool for studying resting behaviour of Afrotropical malaria vectors

Figure 3

Population dynamics of Anopheles gambiae s.l. in two villages of Burkina Faso during 2011 and 2012 samplings. Blue and red solid lines correspond respectively to predicted mean estimates of daily catches of BP and SRB-IN collections in Koubri (a) and Goden (c). Green and orange lines: PIT and SRB-OUT collections in Koubri (b) and Goden (d). Solid squares represent daily mean catches based on raw data. SRB-IN=sticky resting box collections indoors; BP=back-pack aspirations indoors; SRB-OUT=sticky resting box collections outdoors; PIT=collections in outdoor pit-shelters; RS-2011=July-December 2011 sampling; DS-2012= April-June 2012 sampling.

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