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Table 2 Spearmans correlation coefficients of daily predicted mean estimates of An. gambiae s.l. mosquitoes caught by Sticky Resting Box and by traditional collection methods

From: The Sticky Resting Box, a new tool for studying resting behaviour of Afrotropical malaria vectors

Village Season Methods N Spearman’s ρ 2-tails p-value
Koubri RS-2011 BP vs. SRB-IN 20 0.818* 0
   PIT vs. SRB-OUT 19 0.772* 0
Goden RS-2011 BP vs. SRB-IN 22 0.571* 0.006
   PIT vs. SRB-OUT 22 0.468* 0.028
  DS-2012 BP vs. SRB-IN 21 0.725* 0
   PIT vs. SRB-OUT 22 0.662* 0.001
  1. * = significant correlation.
  2. SRB-IN Sticky resting box indoors, SRB-OUT Sticky resting box outdoors, BP Back Pack aspirators indoors, PIT Pit shelters outdoors, RS-2011 July-December 2011 sampling, DS-2012 April -June 2012 sampling.