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Table 1 Published sequences of schistosomatids used in the phylogenetic analysis of the LSU to identify UK specific Trichobilharzia species

From: Identification of a major causative agent of human cercarial dermatitis, Trichobilharzia franki (Müller and Kimmig 1994), in southern England and its evolutionary relationships with other European populations

Species Host Accession
Trichobilharzia franki Radix auricularia HM131141
T. regenti Anser anser HM439491
T. querquedulae Anas discors FJ174469
T. physellae Physa parkeri FJ174475
T. szidati Lymnaea stagnalis FJ174476
T. stagnicolae Stagnicola emarginata FJ174479
T. ocellata Lymnaea stagnalis AY157243
Anserobilharzia brantae Chen caerulescens FJ174467
Dendritobilharzia pulverulenta Gallus gallus (Lab host) AY157241
Gigantobilharzia huronensis Agelaius phoeniceus AY157242
Heterobilharzia americana Mesocricetus auratus AY157246
Schistosomatium douthitti Mesocricetus auratus AY157247
Ornithobilharzia canaliculata Larus delawarensis AY157248
Austrobilharzia terrigalensis Batillaria australis AY157249
Bilharziella polonica Anas platyrhynchus AF184265
Out group   
Schistosoma sinensium Mus musculus (Lab host) AY157251