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Table 1 Selected reviews covering the use of PDPs against pests of veterinary, medical and agricultural significance

From: Present and future potential of plant-derived products to control arthropods of veterinary and medical significance

Author/s Year Focal PDP/s Focal mode/s of action Focal target/s Focal host/s group/s
Casida 1980 Pyrethrum Toxicant; Repellent; Knockdown Insects Veterinary; Medical
Schmutterer 1990 Neem Numerous Numerous Medical; Agricultural*
Sukumar et al. 1991 Numerous Numerous Mosquitoes Medical
Mulla and Su 1999 Neem Numerous Ectoparasites Veterinary; Medical
Brahmachari 2004 Neem Numerous Numerous, including pathogens* and endoparasites* Medical; Agricultural*
Shaalan et al. 2005 Essential oils Larvicide; Insect Growth Regulator Mosquitoes Medical
Isman 2006 Numerous Antifeedant; Repellent; Toxicant Insects Medical; Agricultural*
Bakkali et al. 2008 Essential oils Cytotoxicity including cell membrane damage Numerous, including pathogens* Medical; Agricultural*
George et al. 2008 Multiple Toxicant; Repellent Ectoparasites Veterinary
Koul et al. 2008 Essential oils Numerous Numerous Medical; Agricultural*
Russo et al. 2009 Numerous Toxicant; Repellent Numerous, including endoparasites* Veterinary
Bissinger and Roe 2010 Focus on Terpenoids Repellent Ticks Medical; Veterinary
Nerio et al. 2010 Essential oils Repellent Mosquitoes Medical
Schmahl et al. 2010 Essential oils, Neem Toxicant; Repellent Ectoparasites Veterinary; Medical; Agricultural*
Maia and Moore 2011 Numerous Repellent Mosquitoes Medical
Ogbuewu et al. 2011 Neem Numerous Numerous Veterinary; Medical; Agricultural*
Regnault-Roger 2011 Essential oils Toxicant Insects Agricultural; Medical
Saha et al. 2011 Neem Repellent Insects Agricultural*
Ghosh et al. 2012 Extracts Numerous Mosquito (larvae) Medical
Kiss et al. 2012 Multiple Toxicant; repellent Ticks Veterinary
  1. *Not covered by the current review.