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Figure 1 | Parasites & Vectors

Figure 1

From: Different meal, same flavor: cospeciation and host switching of haemosporidian parasites in some non-passerine birds

Figure 1

Tanglegram showing the two majority-rule consensus phylograms for the associations between haemosporidian parasites and non-passerine hosts. Bayesian posterior probability is shown for each node above branches. Different line types were used as a visual aid to tease apart host-parasite associations. Host species names: Cre fur = Creagrus furcatus (H1)[EF373127], Fre mag = Fregata magnificens (H2)[FR691291], Fre min = Fregata minor (H3)[JX569167], Fre and = Fregata andrewsi (H4)[JX416759], Fre aqu = Fregata aquila (H5)[EU166990], Col pas = Columbina passerina (H6)[KF924046], Col tal = C. talpacoti (H7)[KF924043], Col buc = C. buckleyi (H8)[KF924044], Col squ = Columbina squammata (H9)[AF483347], Col inc = C. inca (H10)[AF182683], Col cru = C. cruziana (H11)[KF924045], Tur tym = Turtur tympanistria (H12)[HM746793], Lep ruf = Leptotila rufaxilla (H13)[AF182698], Lep plu = L. plumbeiceps (H14)[AF279707], Lep ver = L. verreauxi (H15)[AF279705], Col liv = Columba livia (H16)[AF182694], Str sen = Streptopelia senegalensis (H17)[AF279710], Zen mac = Z. macroura (H18)[AF182703], Zen aur = Z. auriculata (H19)[AF182700], Zen gal = Z. galapagoensis (H20)[AF182701], Zen auri = Z. aurita (H21)[AF182704], Zen mel = Zenaida meloda (H22)[AF182699], Geo mon = Geotrygon montana (H23)[AF182696], Str var = Strix varia (H24)[AF448260], Str neb = S. nebulosa (H25)[AJ004059], Str alu = Strix aluco (H26)[AY422982], Str but = Strix butleri (H27)[EU348994], Bub vir = Bubo virginianus (H28)[AF168106], Tod sub = Todus subulatus (H29)[HM222445], Alc att = Alcedo atthis (H30)[D38329], Pic pub = Picoides pubescens (H31)[DQ479260], Fal spa = Falco sparverius (H32)[NC_008547], Ana cre = Anas crecca (H33)[EU585607], Sul gra = Sula granti (H35)[JX569182], Sph men = Spheniscus mendiculus (H36)[DQ137219]. Parasite species names: H. jen = Haemoproteus jeniae (P1)[JN827320], H. iwa = Haemoproteus iwa (P2)[JF833050], FregHae2 = Haemoproteus lineage FregHae2 (P3)[HQ400763], FregHae1 = Haemoproteus iwa lineage FregHae1 (P4)[HQ400760], H. mul 1 = Haemoproteus multipigmentatus (P5)[GU296220], STG14 = Haemoproteus lineage STG14 (P6)[JF833066], NZB9 = Haemoproteus lineage NZB9 (P7)[JF833059], SIGua1 = Haemoproteus multipigmentatus (P8)[FJ462680], H. mul 2 = Haemoproteus multipigmentatus (P9)[GU296222], AZrDR491 = Haemoproteus lineage AZrDR491 (P10)[FJ462650], CY18 = Haemoproteus lineage CY18 (P11)[JF833042], H. columbae = Haemoproteus columbae (P12)[EU254549], FALC11 = H. (Parahaemoproteus) lineage FALC11 (P14)[GQ141558], SPOW4 = H. (Parahaemoproteus) lineage SPOW4 (P15)[EU627833], 154ZI = H. (Parahaemoproteus) lineage 154ZI (P16)[KF279523], H. syrnii = H. (Parahaemoproteus) syrnii (P17)[DQ451424], CHI_30PA = H. (Parahaemoproteus) lineage CHI_30PA (P18)[KF924042], H. sacharovi = H. (Parahaemoproteus) sacharovi (P19)[JX073258], H. turtur = H. (Parahaemoproteus) turtur (P20)[DQ451425], H. enucleator = H. (Parahaemoproteus) enucleator (P21)[DQ659592], bird_sp.1 = H. (Parahaemoproteus) lineage bird_sp.1 (P22)[GQ141557], ACCKGM63 = H. (Parahaemoproteus) lineage ACCKGM63 (P23)[GQ395631], H. valkiunasi = H. (Parahaemoproteus) valkiunasi (P24)[GQ404559], H. picae = H. (Parahaemoproteus) picae (P25)[EU254552], DR07_DR710 = H. (Parahaemoproteus) lineage DR07_DR710 (P26)[HM222464], SSFL03Ven = Haemoproteus lineage SSFL03Ven (P27)[FJ462661], SSFL06Ven = H. lineage SSFL06Ven (P28)[FJ462663], H. par. 2 = Haemoproteus paramultipigmentatus (P29)[JN788939], H. par 1 = Haemoproteus paramultipigmentatus (P30)[JN788934], H. multivolutinus = Haemoproteus multivolutinus (P31)[JX275888]. Parentheses enclose the code numbers used in Figure 2 for both hosts and parasites, and squared brackets enclose the GenBank™ accession numbers.

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