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Figure 2 | Parasites & Vectors

Figure 2

From: Different meal, same flavor: cospeciation and host switching of haemosporidian parasites in some non-passerine birds

Figure 2

Contributions of individual host-parasite links to the global cospeciation fit. Jackknifed squared residuals (bars) and upper 95% confidence intervals (error bars) resulting from applying PACo to genetic distances derived from phylogenetic trees presented in Figure 1. The median squared residual value is shown (dashed line) to facilitate comparisons among different host-parasite links. Host-parasite links with low squared residual (e2 i ) value likely represent coevolutionary links (see Methods). Light gray boxes indicate host-parasite links with a more important contribution to the global codivergence signal in comparison to those links enclosed by dark boxes. See Figure 1 for host-parasite links code numbers.

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