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Table 1 Leishmania reference strains analyzed in this study

From: The calmodulin intergenic spacer as molecular target for characterization of Leishmania species

Species International code
L (Viannia) panamensis MHOM/PA/98/WR 2306
L (Viannia) peruviana MHOM/PE/05/WR 2771
L (Viannia) braziliensis MHOM/PA/02/WR 2355
L (Viannia) braziliensis MHOM/BR/1975/M2903
L (Viannia) guyanensis MHOM/BR/1975/M4147
L (Viannia) lainsoni MHOM/BR/1981/M6426
L (Leishmania) chagasi MHOM/BR/1974/PP75
L (Leishmania) amazonensis IFLA/br/1967/PH8
L (Leishmania) mexicana MHOM/BZ/1982/BEL21