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Figure 3

From: Multidimensional complexities of filariasis control in an era of large-scale mass drug administration programmes: a can of worms

Figure 3

Maps of loiasis intermediate and high risk areas geographically overlapping with CDTi and non-CDTi areas. Orange shading indicates loiasis intermediate prevalence areas of 20-40%. Red shading indicates loiasis high prevalence areas of > 40%. Blue shading indicates onchocerciasis > 20% and areas targeted with ivermectin, also known as CDTi areas. A. Loiasis >20% B. Onchocerciasis >20% (CDTi areas) C. Loiasis and CDTi area overlap D. Loiasis overlapping CDTi areas E. Loiasis overlapping non-CDTi areas.

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